Download the latest version of PyParticles From GitHub or sourceforge:

Or if you prefer clone the project from github:

And follow the following and very simple instructions.


  • Install Python 2 or 3 for win32 in your system (I’ve tested only python 2):

  • Install numpy and scipy:

  • Install OpenGl for python from the unofficial build (search for opengl in the list)

The unofficial build is better than the official one, so I prefer to use this one.
The official build of python-openGL is available there:

If you have installed git clone your copy of PyParticle  in a directory with the command:

git clone git://

Or download the zipped package from github.

and start the application with:

python.exe pyparticles_app

or if python is not in the path

c:\Python27\python.exe pyparticles_app


In a very general way:

Find and install python 2,  numpy,  scipy,  matplotlib, PyOpenGL and PyOpenCL from the repository of your distro and clone or download the current version of PyParticles with:

git clone git://

And type

In the main project directory.

For the ArchLinux users, I’ve written the PKGBUILD:


I’ve never tested PyParticles under macintosh, but I think that it’s works correctly.

As described above  you must install python 2numpy,  scipy,  matplotlib, PyOpenGL, PyOpenCL in your system and run the application normally.

For more details about Python with mac read this page:


One comment on “Installation

  1. I’m trying to install PyParticles via pip2.7 on a Mac OS X (10.9). The pip2.7 package finds PyParticles, downloads it, but cannot finish installation because of this error:
    error: option –single-version-externally-managed not recognized

    Does anybody have a suggestion?
    Thank you for any help.

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